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We are with you every step of the way, supporting you throughout the process, especially during the moments of challenge and adversity.

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Owner, CEO, & Director of Facilitator Training & Development

Christine is a bold stand for others to live a life full of purpose. She will stop at nothing to help you succeed because she’s on a mission to show people that anything is possible and that they can transform undesirable challenges into powerful opportunities.

Throughout her life, she has turned the seemingly impossible to possible by shifting her mindset – including overcoming a terminal brain condition. It was during this time she courageously decided to choose her life vs. her diagnosis and was able to fully heal from the condition.

Christine believes that everyone deserves to feel honored, valued, accepted, and connected to what they are born to do. That’s why she’s dedicated her life to guiding people to feel whole and complete by helping them recognize their own power, become the leader in their life, and create the legacy and impact they desire.

As a business owner, consultant, and leadership coach her commitment to expanding people’s potential is unparalleled. Over the years, Christine has owned and built 3 multigenerational companies where she created strong sustainable businesses, teams and cultures. Now she’s passionate about working with founders and business owners who are experiencing team dynamic challenges to discover their Vision, Mission, and Core Values so they can better communicate with their team and integrate what matters most to them into their business and team culture.




Nora is the visionary behind Bold Leader Collective, formerly known as Revenue Tribe. She originally started the company based on her deep desire to provide both the resources and community for business owners to feel supported and thrive.

By helping business owners discover who they are, what they value most and remove the root beliefs stopping them from realizing their full purpose, she knew that she could awaken new possibilities inside of people. And once they recognize the possibilities and potential of their life, then they are able to expand their influence by creating unified and purposeful families, teams, and communities.

Nora’s life mission is to create a world where we all Value and Honor ourselves and others. She envisions a world where we are all walking in our God-given call and purpose for our life and where we innately know our own internal power. Because from this place of fully knowing our power, we unlock limitless possibilities and potential.



Bold Coach

Lyndsey Medina is a mover and a shaker. With her degree in Health and Exercise Science and as a certified BOLD Leader coach, Lyndsey helps her clients discover what matters most to them when it comes to health and fitness. Her innovative program, Reclaim Your F.I.T., integrates BOLD Leader mindset coaching with movement and adventure, to create a uniquely embodied experience that allows clients to bust through mental roadblocks to achieve the health and lifestyle they want. By ditching the broken cycles of fad diets and failed workout regimens, Lyndsey’s clients are able to start and to keep moving towards true transformation and sustainable change.

Lyndsey Medina empowers people to start believing in themselves, push their perceived limits, and discover their passions so they can experience life to the fullest and feel free.

Lyndsey is a part of a lineage of Chicanos from Southern Colorado and was born and raised in Denver, Colorado’s Front Range. Growing up she had a big passion for athletics and what the body is capable of. She knew health and wellness coaching would be her life’s work when her grandmother passed away in 2007 from metabolic syndrome, a disease that’s completely preventable with the proper education and tools. She has been a personal trainer for more than 15 years, and an avid outdoor adventurer, and now is joining forces with the BOLD Leader Collective. She’s most passionate about seeing people reconnect with themselves and is excited to guide folks to know their truest alignment.