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What is


The Bold Initiative is a personal development program that has helped thousands of people overcome a wide range of personal and professional challenges. The hallmark of The Bold Initiative is its ability to quickly achieve sustainable results. It is based on teaching people how to realign their beliefs so that they are parallel with the life they want to live. The methodology is not dependent on years of therapy or the traditional practice of rehashing the past. It is truly bold and forward looking.

Who can benefit?

Get to the root of what’s stopping you

It’s for anyone who wants to conquer personal or professional challenges with the goal of living a more fulfilled and impactful life. It’s for people who are facing difficult circumstances and challenges and feel they don’t have the tools to breakthrough to their desired life that awaits them on the other side.

If you strive to have a better life, and aren’t willing to comprise, The BOLD Initiative is for you. Our Coaches, (The BOLD Leader Collective) are ready to jump in with caring and passionate guidance to get you where you want to be.

If you are willing to try something different and commit to it, you’ll learn lifelong skills that will equip you to achieve your goals and dreams, as well as dispatch problems that tend to creep up in daily life.

Don’t let life’s obstacle stand in the path to discovering the life you’re intended to live. Let us show you the quick, easy and sustainable path to a better life. Start on your bold march today and schedule a free personal strategy session.

the process

Be owners of your life and destiny

Our process is simple but effective. We help you gain clarity about your life so that you become more confident in yourself and powerfully show up as the leader you are born to be!


Clarity happens when you KNOW your purpose and direction in life.

Finding clarity to:

  • Uncover your vision and mission – what you are destined to do!
  • Get clear on the value and gifts you have to offer others.
  • Find and shifting the root cause limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Rediscover your passions and the things that make you happy.


Confidence starts when you TRUST yourself.

Gaining confidence means:

  • Finding your own voice and speaking your truth.
  • Authentically being yourself and not feeling like you have to hide parts of you.
  • Recognizing and standing in your own power.
  • Embodying your worth and value.


Initiative emerges when you KNOW you are meant to make a difference.

Taking initiative means:

  • Confidently leading others in an authentic and inspired way.
  • Sharing vulnerability with others and deeply connecting to other people’s hearts.
  • Saying YES to only the things and opportunities that light you up and make you excited.
  • Empowering others to become bold leaders too.


Meet the Coaches


christine hernandez

Owner, CEO, & Director of Facilitator Training & Development

Noora A'Bell

Nora A'bell


Lyndsey Medina

Coach and Facilitator