How the Bold Initiative can impact your life


I’m Christine Hernandez, CEO of The BOLD Initiative. I have coached hundreds of clients, empowering them to reconnect to who they are, identify their purpose, and discover and remove the core root limiting belief that keeps them stuck, unfocused, and disconnected from walking in the fullness of their purpose. I personally invite you to learn more about how The Bold Initiative can impact your life in the following ways:


  • Know what truly matters to you and WHY you do what you do so that you can make decisions for your life with ease.
  • Expose the lies and limiting beliefs that often subconsciously run your
    decision-making and uproot & exchange these beliefs for a powerful vision.

Know your Purpose

  • Uncover the truth of who you are, what truly matters to you, and your authentic direction in life, business, relationships, and more.
  • Discover your unique gifting and the impact that you are designed to make in the world.

Shift Quickly

  • You will be equipped to identify your self-sabotaging behaviors and know how to shift into healthy ways to work through this.
  • Feeling “stuck” is just a product of conflicting mindsets – we will free you
    from this feeling once and for all!

Solid Foundation & Sustainable Success

  • We will help you to integrate what you’ve learned into every aspect of your life so that you can make true, meaningful progress towards your
    dreams and goals!
  • This is not a “quick fix” program, but rather a lifestyle program. We emphasize creating a solid foundation that is authentic and true to YOU to build the rest of your life on.

How The Program is Structured

  • Part 1: Uncover & Uproot your Core Beliefs

    Get to the core of what holds you back as well as the truth of who you are and what matters most to you.

  • Part 2: Discover Your Vision

    Once you are clear on your core Limiting Belief, we will walk you through a lifechanging exercise to get a clear and authentic Vision for your life and the world.

  • Part 3: Define Your Mission & Unique Contribution

    You were created ON purpose and WITH a purpose. This session will help you understand your unique gifting and how to position yourself personally and professionally for maximum impact.

  • Part 4: Learn to Shift Quickly

    We call this exercise "Core Triggers & Core Values". Understand what causes you to operate out of your Limiting Belief and how to shift quickly into your truth.

  • Part 5: Your Impact Plan

    Now, it's time to put all you've learned into action! We will help you take tangible, strategic steps toward what matters most to you and the life you truly desire most.

Are you ready to uncover what is holding you back so that you can start living the life you dream of and that you were CREATED for? Click below to book your FREE Personal Strategy Session and get started!