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The Bold Initiative Other Coaching Programs Traditional Therapy
Full training of everything you will need to know as a coach and build a successful business owner. Concepts, tools, systems,
Concepts of coaching and some business practices
Concepts and exercises
Foundational training and niche training
Best practices and concepts
Best practices based on the industry, not success for the coach
Full 3 months - 3 years of curriculum to provide proven transformation for clients
No curriculum, a possible basic suggested outline
4-6 years schooling
60 hours of live training (6 months)
12-100 hours mostly pre-recorded, online videos
Mildly structured, balanced with self-paced training with custom accountability
0-50 client training hours
100 client training hours
Above $15,000 in Tuition
Fundraising options and support available
Team atmosphere with the freedom to run your own business
Largely self-guided
Largely self-guided
Lifetime coaching, mentorship, and support options
Yearly retreats for personal and professional growth
Team support and collaboration for larger projects
Lifetime access to client support recommendations and coaching, contract templates
Team marketing collaboration and promotion
Self-led marketing efforts
Self-led marketing efforts
Client referral programs and option to be hired for larger BOLD Coaching projects and retreats
Help people in all areas of life
Some cover multiple areas
Focus on specific areas
Turn pain into purpose and help your clients move forward

Interested in becoming a facilitator of


Are you ready to work with a purposeful team and have a meaningful life and career?

The Bold Facilitator Training Program is built on three pillars: continuous growth and a challenge to become the best version of yourself, a deeply connected collaborative & supportive team, and being committed to a world wide impact, doing more together! If these align with you, read on to learn more about the program!


 The Vision is to create a community where everyone knows they are loved, valued, and accepted for who they are, Everyone has the resources they need to accomplish all they are called to do and live the life they love with a unified and purposeful community.

What you will receive from Facilitator Training?

  • Deeply connected community/team that supports you so that you don’t have to be on this journey alone!
  • A systematized and proven process that allows you to stay focused and provide a clear and consistent outcome that brings transformation to every area of your client’s life.
  • We take care of all of the details of the business, like billing, payment processing, etc., so you can focus on what matters most to you.
  • We teach you how to integrate the problem you solve and your mission statement clearly and concisely in order to attract your ideal client and increase your revenue.
  • We help you go deeper in understanding the value you bring to your clients in order to be able to charge what you are truly worth. You will receive the necessary tools to help you be the change you want to see in the world and make the significant impact you were born to create.
  • Own your power and stand in who you are with the confidence
  • Learn vital skills in the art of facilitation, coaching, and mentoring. ie How to utilize and show empathy, hold and create safe space for others without draining your energy

We do this through One-on-One coaching and mentoring to walk you through those times you get triggered or fall back into your limiting belief and help you shift quickly in order to walk in your full potential, live the life you love and be the change you want to see in the world.

How Facilitator Training Works

This program is a Certification Process:

  • You will complete the entire training with your Facilitator Trainer and the mentorship of our Certified Facilitators. The Certification process is 6 Months from start to finish
  • The training will consist of learning all vital skills to become an impactful and purposeful Facilitator and Coach.
  • Curriculum-> A firm understanding of the curriculum, the philosophy behind the curriculum, and facilitation practices
  • Ideal Client Attraction -> Community Building, Sales Conversation, and Follow-Up Strategies.
  • What BOLD Provides -> We create and manage the entire back end of your business. From product creation to payments and client management, we have you covered. Internal skills that create confidence and fulfillment to keep you grounded and allow your clients to feel seen, heard, and trust your abilities for maximum transformation.How to leverage your time, scale your business and monetize your efforts to make more money!

Facilitator Training is for you if:

  • You are tired of running alone and feeling isolated and not making the significant impact you desire to make.
  • You desire to have a process to transform your ideal clients but feel overwhelmed when developing this process
  • You love being a part of bringing transformation and growth to your clients, but the details and effort it takes to run your own business is not your highest and best use of your time and drains your creativity and energy.


  • You align with BOLD Leader Collectives Core Values.   
  • You have completed the work through Core Triggers/Core Values.
  • You are committed to growth, willing to be challenged, and ready to show up authentically. 




 Weekly 90 min training to learn:


Invite all your clients, family, and friends to celebrate your success at graduation!

Graduation is a personally planned event we partner with you to execute. We work together to bring your vision of celebration and community to life!

Are you passionate about being a part of the change you want to see in the world? Sponsor one of our facilitators and help us expand the impact of the BOLD leaders of the next generation!

Are you ready to become a facilitator of the